2018 Top Rated on Great NonProfits

Our mission started with a recognized need to get clean diapers to babies across the world so that caregivers would no longer have to choose between food and diapers.

It was simple and seemed obvious. So, we launched in 2013 with a goal of helping only 15 babies at this orphanage in Peru and have now grown to create a global impact in more than 20 countries.

And we’re still growing.

In 2017 we were honored to make the Top 10 Nonprofits Committed to Impact list on our fundraising platform, GlobalGiving. This year, we’re happy to make the list of the 2018 Top-Rated Charities on Great Nonprofits, a list of organizations rated highly by people who experience their work first hand – clients served, volunteers and donors, as explained on the site.

We’re not going to take all the credit, we really appreciate the support you have given our organization to help us get here, and hope you’ll continue to follow us into the future.

With our increasing impact in mind, we’ve taken some time in 2018 to really define our focus, and would love to share the mission statement that will carry us to growth in the future:

We aim to revolutionize global health with community-driven efforts to provide hygiene necessities that empower people to live clean, healthy and prosperous lives.

Here’s the deal: at Jake’s Diapers, we believe basic hygiene necessities allow people to live clean, healthy and prosperous lives. We support sustainable approaches to meeting this definition of hygiene and aim to create long-term change for communities to maintain health for all.

Every small step makes a big difference in ending poverty, and we thank you for taking those steps with us.