California Wildfire & Mudslide Relief for Children

I’m excited to share with you our work with California Mudslide Relief is coming to a close! Through your support, we were able to provide a complete supply of cloth diapers to last from birth to potty training for more than a dozen families. Christina is our “boots-on-the-ground” who distributed these kits, and here is her story:

“After the mudslides and the Thomas fire, I was surprised by how many people were affected. One of the most affected families I met lived in Ojai. A woman I met was so grateful to receive the cloth diaper kit for her newborn baby. She and her husband live on a ranch in Ojai. Only a week after she had given birth to her daughter, Rocket, she and her husband were forced to leave their home and flee the Thomas fire while also caring for their baby and trying desperately to save their horses. They lived in a Motel 6 for a few weeks and stayed at in-laws as well. Luckily their home still stands and they finally were able to move back in after more than a month of being away.

Because of the mudslides in Montecito, the freeway was closed for two weeks. In the beginning, many people – myself included – had to take a boat from Santa Barbara to Ventura to get to work, or to LAX or anywhere South of Santa Barbara. On the boat ride home, I met a woman I used to work with nearly 10 years ago who was with her children and parents. She had lost nearly everything in the mudslides and was grateful to receive a cloth diaper kit for her 3-month-old baby boy.

Many of the cloth diaper kits went to expectant mothers in Montecito and Santa Barbara. They were all surprised and thankful Jake’s Diapers exists to offer such a service. Most of the parents I met were through word of mouth, but some were able to take kits through an underground pop-up shop that was meant to serve the Montecito mudslide victims. It was “underground” because many people who were affected in Montecito, according to the organizer of the pop-up shop, were more comfortable shopping for free clothes and items in secret rather than taking hand-outs.

My experience with people in Ventura, Montecito, and Santa Barbara is that there is a lot of pride when it comes to finances. It’s difficult for people to admit that they need help. It was a privilege to team up with Jake’s Diapers and help those who wanted to be helped. I think the service that Jake’s Diapers provide for those in need is valuable and I know that many people were blessed by receiving these diaper kits. Thank you for helping those who were affected by the largest fire in California history as well as the Montecito mudslide.”

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