Removing Barriers to Raise Healthy Kids

Family Health La Clinica Women Infant and Children’s (WIC) Program offers support to pregnant and postpartum women, infants, and children up to age 5. WIC’s mission is to safeguard the health of families who are at nutritional risk by providing nutritious foods to supplement diets, information on healthy eating, and

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A Focus on Holistic Wellbeing as COVID-19 Numbers Rise

Jake’s Diapers builds more community partnerships as COVID-19 numbers rise. Here’s a look at how we’ve helped out with Thompson Centre on Lourdes in Appleton. With COVID-19 numbers again on the rise, we live with increased uncertainty about the future of the virus and a pending return to normal. The

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Serving People in Need While Preventing COVID-19 Spread

With social distancing key to prevent COVID-19 spread, drive-thru distributions and virtual support become the new normal. As we continue with daily life while abiding by best practices to avoid COVID-19 spread, we’re all experiencing major shifts in communication. Instead of gatherings with family and friends, many have turned to

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