Community Remembers Carr Fire, With a Dozen Extra Little Ones in Tow

It probably comes as no surprise that we love babies here at Jake’s Diapers, and so a recent news report about the birth of 12 babies within a single fire department this year caught our attention.

Nine families in Redding, California, welcomed little ones over the last year – three families adding a set of twins, according to this report on Their fathers all actively battled wildfires in the area in 2018.

This caught our attention, too, because Jake’s Diapers also contributes to families impacted by wildfire disasters, often in California. The one-year anniversary of the Carr Fire, a disaster that impacted Redding and communities nearby, is this month (July 2019), according to an article on

“Our community’s been through a lot in a year,” said Redding Community Services Director Kim Niemer in the KRCRTV report. “A year ago, this town was a very harrowing and frightening place to be, and so we want to honor what we’ve been through, and a year later to also recognize really amazing generosity, compassion and grit of the whole community, and kind of close the door to one year, one year behind us.” 

Disaster recovery is a long-term effort and we’re just one piece of the puzzle. Thanks to all those who support us in the cause, and to the others who help those in need.

About Our Disaster Relief Efforts: Jake’s Diapers recognizes that every person is one disaster away from living in a situation that restricts access to basic necessities. We respond when disaster strikes, understanding the need to be clean and healthy after displacement or destruction. Supporting people impacted in this way restores hope and dignity while creating the opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life as they rebuild and recover.

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