Core Product Program Partner

MISSION: We envision a world where every individual feels worthy.
VISION: We distribute hygiene products and essential daily living items to people of all ages. Through a network of partners, together meets various human needs: basic, emotional, social and educational. Our work allows every person a step up toward living healthy, feeling safe and experiencing self-worth so that individuals and communities thrive.

Impact: Jake’s Network of Hope provides a monthly supplement of 50 diapers, 25 period supplies, or 25 adult incontinence products to low-income individuals. Our diaper bank partner model has a ripple effect on families by providing access to other services like healthcare, basic needs, and case management
that helps ease the effects of poverty for families. Currently serving counties located in Eastern Wisconsin.

*Organizations in Outagamie County must contact the Kimberly Clark United Way Diaper Bank for diaper requests. They may receive other core products from Jake’s Network of Hope. Diapers will only be given if United Way denies the organization, Jake’s will require proof of denial in written form from United Way.


Partner Application
The first step to becoming a partner with Jake’s Network of Hope for core product is to complete an application. The application must be completed in full.
The application must include the name, phone number, and email address of at least two people (one of whom must be the executive director) who will be responsible for Jake’s Network of Hope partnerships.
Applications are reviewed as received by Jake’s Core Program Manager and can be submitted anytime.

Application Process
Once the application is submitted, the partner will have a link to schedule a one-on-one meeting with the Core Program Manager from Jake’s Network of Hope to learn the requirements and benefits of partnership, and discuss the ordering and distribution procedures for receiving diapers and other core product through Jake’s Network of Hope. Please ensure that the Program Manager and any
other people who will assist with record-keeping, diaper storage, and diaper distribution are present. It is
encouraged, but not required, that the Executive Director attend the meeting.

Jake’s Network of Hope reserves the right to refuse any partner application.

Diaper Distribution
Diapers and other core products from Jake’s Network of Hope are to be used as a part of a broader effort by the partner to assist those in need. By distributing diapers and other core products through select partners, clients are able to participate in other services offered by those organizations. It is our long-term goal that our families will be able to achieve self-sufficiency, and we hope that the interaction with our partners will play a role in that journey.