Disaster Watch: Will 2019 Turn into Another Record-Setting CA Wildfire Year?

Conditions in California have sparked concern that the state could continue to experience record-setting amounts of wildfires causing damage and destruction for those living there.

Eighteen million trees died across California in 2018, according to an article on Vox.com. While tree death is common and this number is actually a bit lower than in 2017 and 2016, it is still much higher than what is considered typical.

“Normal background levels of tree mortality for California, what we would typically see through both insects and diseases, is well less than a million trees per year,” said Sheri Smith, a regional entomologist at the US Forest Service, in the article.

And while tree death alone is not a predictor of wildfire activity, drought conditions over the last decade combined with human development and other factors put the state at risk.

At Jake’s Diapers, we’ve responded to the devastation caused by California wildfires to help families displaced by the disasters. Ongoing donations allow us to provide diaper need for families with young children that are no longer able to return home, lose their jobs or experience other hardships because of the fires.

About Our Disaster Relief Efforts

Jake’s Diapers recognizes that every person is one disaster away from living in a situation that restricts access to basic necessities. We respond when disaster strikes, understanding the need to be clean and healthy after displacement or destruction. Supporting people impacted in this way restores hope and dignity while creating the opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life as they rebuild and recover.