Drop 12: Individual Aid Program

We’re counting down 12 Days of Christmas by celebrating a unique Diaper Drop every day until Christmas.

While we have many amazing partners across the world who are utilizing donations of our hygiene products to propel their cause, there are many individuals in need that we have still be unable to touch.

Until this year.

On this 12th day of Christmas, we celebrate a new program that began in fall 2018. Jake’s Diapers launched an individual aid program to allow parents in need to apply for a cloth diaper kit to ship directly to their home. This is the first time we’ve offered a direct program, and we’ve been blown away by the demand.

As of early November, our team was working through 90 plus applications received hoping to process requests as early as possible.

Here’s what one mom had to say about the Individual Aid program:

“Just received my diapers and I’m blown away by how many were in my package! I just want to thank everyone with Jake’s Diapers! I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about having enough diapers for my little munchkin. I was blessed to find this group!”

Not even two months after the launch of this program, we’ve distributed more than 1,766 cloth diapers to 102 children in need.

Anyone in need of individual aid is invited to complete our application here. Our supporters donations continue to make it possible for us to serve these people, so please consider making a contribution today.

About Our Diaper Drop Partners

Jake’s Diapers added Individual Aid to United States residents in 2018. This option is just one of our program areas featured in our 12 Drops of Christmas series. Jake’s Diapers aims to shed light on the stories of the people we serve to increase awareness about the impact a donation of hygiene products can have on a single individual.

Make your impact today! A donation of $16 solves diaper need for moms and babies like the ones in our story.