Real Hope For Haiti Big

Helping Big Get Bigger

After two short months of life together, Big’s mom passed away – leaving the infant alone in his grandmother’s care.

Big’s father visited a couple times over the next months. At first, the child was doing well. On his father’s second visit, the family decided Big’s health required emergency care. Ultimately, his father traveled four hours via motorcycle and taxi with his very sick infant to Real Hope for Haiti’s clinic.

“Big recovered slowly in the Rescue Center,” Licia of Real Hope said. “He was very sick and dehydrated when he arrived. He had diarrhea, fever, and vomiting.  He was started on medications the first day and recovered slowly the first 2 weeks. After that, he began to gain weight well and always had a smile for everyone that came by his bed.”

Real Hope for Haiti is a Christian organization located in Cazale, Haiti, that serves through its medical clinic, cholera hospital, sponsorship programs, and an inpatient center to treat malnourished children. They are also one of Jake’s Diapers Diaper Drop partners.

Real Hope for Haiti works closely with family members and caregivers of the children they treat in an effort to prevent orphaning, a cause we’d like to highlight with Orphan Sunday around the corner.

Orphan Sunday is recognized on the second Sunday each November to shed light on ways we can create solutions for the orphaned children around the world. The day also falls within National Adoption Month here in the United States.

When it becomes obvious the family will not be caring for the child, he or she is placed in foster care. Real Hope for Haiti has 15 children that were abandoned at its gate or inside its yard currently placed in foster care and relies on donations from Jake’s Diapers to support the children in these foster care programs.

“It has helped in our foster care program as special diapers were sent in for these kids,” Licia said. “It was hard for the moms to find large diapers for the special needs kids. This was a big blessing to them. It has also been helpful to the nannies in the inpatient care facility.”

Please consider a donation this Orphan Sunday to support an abandoned child in need. Just $18 can supply the diaper need for one child for a month. DONATE NOW.