Make An Impact For #GivingTuesday

While we believe that access to hygiene products is vital to living clean, healthy and prosperous lives – we also realize we’re not talking about the prettiest topic, here. After all, we’re helping parents wipe butts and keeping people clean during those pesky menstrual cycles.

Loraine, a Puerto Rican mom who helps distribute our donations to those in need in the territory, has had mixed reactions from people during cloth period product demonstrations.

“Talking about menstrual blood is kind of taboo here,” she said. “You can talk about sex, but talking about blood is like, ‘Oh my god, she said menstrual (what!)’”

Youth are typically a bit more shy about engaging with her during demonstrations or to ask for products, she said, while some of the elderly take more of a nostalgic tone – recalling when their mothers used cloth menstrual products in their youth.

“Sometimes when I give the talk about menstrual period pads, there are men present – there are a few that stay and ask questions; they are open to it,” she said. “Most of the time when I have men open to that option, the girls shy away from it – get embarrassed that the man is asking.”

So thanks, Loraine, for having difficult conversations that are essential in living clean, healthy and prosperous lives – and thanks to all those who donate so we have products to ship.

Make an impact for #GivingTuesday: In 2017, the global giving movement known as #GivingTuesday raised more than $300M online. The average gift given was $120.40. That’s a lot of little steps combining efforts to making a big difference.

At Jake’s Diapers, we believe every small step makes a big difference in ending poverty. Please consider joining the 2018 #GivingTuesday movement to support Jake’s in empowering people to live clean, healthy and prosperous lives.

Thanks for empowering women & girls!

~ Stephanie