Medgine’s Malnutrition

Meet Medgine, a sweet little 10-month-old. She was just admitted to the Rescue Center at Real Hope for Haiti. Through the amazing support of our donors, we’re working to meet all of Real Hope’s diaper needs. This enables Real Hope to focus on helping Medgine and the other 57 inpatient children recover from extreme malnutrition and other medical challenges.

She is suffering from malnutrition and edema and has been refusing to eat. Her mother said she began losing her appetite about three months ago, and also frequently had a fever. Medgine’s grandmother thought it was just teething. No one else at home was sick, and she hasn’t had diarrhea or a cough. She was breastfed for her first three months of life but then was switched to flour water. Her Mom hadn’t taken Medgine to a clinic sooner, because she hasn’t had any money for food or medical care. Medgine and her mother live with her grandmother, her mother’s two siblings, and perhaps other people. Her father is not involved in her care.

Malnutrition is a challenging disease, and Real Hope is working to educate families on malnutrition prevention and treatment, including early intervention strategies. One way we are partnering with Real Hope in this endeavor is through our work on improving Haitian Maternal/Infant Survival and Life Quality.  We’re working to give Moms the tools they need to succeed. When Moms succeed, families and communities succeed.

We have an amazing opportunity to help 500 Moms succeed, through CaringCrowd, an amazing platform powered by Johnson & Johnson, where all donations are matched at 100%. Donate today. Every donation, no matter the size, truly adds up to big impact.

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