Off to Ethiopia!

” I can never express my gratitude for what you have done for me and so many other people around the world.” ~ Gaile J., Missionary in Ethiopia

Gaile is on her way to Ethiopia as we speak! With her is a suitcase full of cloth diapers, 49.75 lbs to be exact. Part of her work is in helping orphanages help babies live healthy, to grow, and thrive. Her mission is to help babies be cleand, dry and comfortable by providing quality cloth diapering suppplies, one baby at a time. There are two orphanages she works with, with children that have been abandoned and are up for adoption.

Adoptions have recently closed in Ethiopia (this happens from time to time), which has led to even more babies in group care. One of the most common and challenging needs is diapers. Due to extreme poverty, babies were limited to two changes per day, which led to rashes and other health/sanitation challenges. Diapers are also extremely expensive, and quality cloth diapers are not available.

Gaile will be replenishing supplies at one orphanage, and introducing cloth diapers to another. The last time she delivered diapers, the nannies were so overjoyed. Diapers are so simple, yet the impact is so deep! I cant wait to share with you more of her experiences and the impact that you have made possible.

That’s not all…

We have more big news to share… We’ve been named one of GlobalGiving’s Top 10 Nonprofits commited to Impact! You’ll find us at number 5 on the list!

This inaugural list highlights 10 of GlobalGiving’s nonprofit partners (and five honorable mentions) that have demonstrated a commitment to impact through learning. Winners have earned the most points in GG Rewards, GlobalGiving’s way of tracking how nonprofits Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat. GlobalGiving has found that nonprofits that listen to their stakeholders, act on what they hear, and learn from the results of their actions are more effective and have a greater impact in their communities.

This is a great moment for us, we’re proud to be recognized for our commitment to effectiveness and impact.

Thank you for believing in us, together we are ending the choice between food & diapers! I encourage you to help us celebrate, and share our story with friends, family, & colleagues who might like to join us in making the world a better place.

~ Stephanie