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Ship It! Puerto Rico Diaper Kits Carry Extra Cost to Reach People in Need

We’re happy to say we’ve comfortably settled into our home at Hope Factory, our warehouse in Little Chute, WI, where we have plenty of space to sort, prep and pack cloth diaper kits and other hygiene products for people in need around the world.

Seriously, we move a lot of products – we even have our own forklift and often host large groups of volunteers to manage all that goes on behind the scenes.

And with our network of Diaper Drop partners around the world, we do our best to create innovative solutions to deliver the product out of Wisconsin and overseas. Oftentimes, we’re able to send suitcases of diapers with someone traveling to a particular area of need.

With our Puerto Rico partners, however, shipping is the only option and creates a barrier to get the product to those in need. We might have boxes full of hundreds of dollars of diapers and period products, however, the cost to send this to Puerto Rico could be hundreds more.

When we break it down, it comes out to about $8 per diaper kit. Our cloth diaper kits vary slightly depending on available inventory, but generally include 2 days worth of changes made of a mix of cloth styles (such as pockets/aio’s, covers, flats) as well as wipes and a wet bag for dirty diapers. This kit will support a child’s diaper need from birth through potty training.

Make your impact today! A donation of $8 will help us send a diaper kit to a baby in need.

About Our Efforts in Puerto Rico: Jake’s Diapers is on a mission to ensure every person in Puerto Rico who relies on the support of diapers or period products have access to these hygiene essentials. Through a trusted network of local Puerto Rican community-based organizations, Jake’s Diapers is solving hygiene needs in culturally appropriate ways with an emphasis on reusable items. We currently have 11 diaper drops in Puerto Rico, and that list is continually growing.