Silly Blandine


We recently sent a team to Haiti, and they were able to bring along many supplies, including appropriately sized cloth diapers for older children. While at Real Hope for Haiti, one of our Diaper Drops, they met a smiley little 5-year-old named Blandine. Blandine is thankful for the diapers you provided for her!

Two years ago, at the age of 3, Blandine weighed just 22 pounds. She was brought to the Rescue Center by her aunt, and they traveled 5 hours by both car and moto to get to the Rescue Center. Her mother died of cholera when she was an infant, and her father hadn’t been seen in years. She lived in a 1 bedroom house, made of rocks and tin, with 6 other people. They do have an outhouse, however, it’s a ten-minute walk to get water. On the day she arrived, she hadn’t eaten anything and the day before she had only rice and sauce. When she was admitted, she had been suffering from diarrhea and had been vomiting for days. Her body was swollen from kwashiorkor’s disease.

She was admitted to the Rescue Center, and early notes from her stay indicate that she was “one of the saddest kids we’ve had in a long time.” In these early days, she refused to make eye contact or even raise her head up to look at others.

Slowly, she began healing at the Rescue Center. She’s been there for almost two years, and today she is cheerful and her smile is a true joy to behold. Blandine has special needs, and is unable to walk. She gets around by scooting and crawling.  She’s also started speaking and her mobility is slowly improving through physical therapy and loving care.  It is such a joy to see her today, smiley, full of life and hope. Such a vast difference from her arrival.