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Support Puerto Rico Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the 1-year anniversary of the day Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. With the recent news of a largely increased number of deaths, our local partners share progress among ongoing devastation and recovery in the area as we prepare for a big fundraiser tomorrow. 

Poverty was already widespread throughout the territory before the hurricane hit Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017. Resident Iveliz Fuentes, notes that a side effect of the natural disaster is having the opportunity to share those struggles with the world.

“It’s important to keep in mind that Puerto Rico had a very unique situation before Maria. There are a lot of people with a large need, and Maria uncovered those communities’ reality to the world,” said Iveliz, who does charitable work in Puerto Rico through two organizations (A.M.A.R. and G.O.D). “We still have a lot of communities without power and electricity here – so it’s difficult. Also, [there is a lack of] running and clean water.”

The good news? Over the course of the last year, Jake’s Diapers has impacted 1,000 lives in communities across the territory by providing 11,567 cloth diapers to families and caretakers in need.

This has made a strong environmental impact too. The total diapers delivered equals 5,783,500 disposable diapers, preventing 3.8 million pounds of diapers from ever entering landfills.

But, our work here is not done.

“It’s very, very, very important to keep doing what you are doing right now. It’s peace of mind for those we serve, and so much more,” Iveliz said.

Any donation made on tomorrow, Thursday, September 20, will be matched by GlobalGiving! Your gift will make an even bigger impact! Visit our project pages below to learn more about each initiative.

Thank you for helping those in Puerto Rico who are still recovering from Hurricane Maria and for helping us have a positive impact on the environment there as well.