Valor’s Amazing Transformation!

The impact of diapers is really so much more than a diaper. Valor is one of more than 150 (!) previously abandoned, now rescued, orphans who call our Diaper Drop Sarah’s Covenant Homes, home.

By providing Sarah’s Covenant Homes with cloth diapers, we are able to help them save significant financial resources. This enables them to provide more specialized therapies and corrective surgeries for their children; which significanlty increases the likelihood of adoption and forever families for these precious children.

Valor recently had life changing surgery, a spinal fusion.

“Almost 5 months ago Valor had his spinal fusion surgery! Looking back at his before and after his quality of life has drastically changed. Before the surgery he was getting chest infections and his heart rate was high. His ribs and hip bones were essentially touching each other and his bones were starting to show problems from the internal wear and tear. He needed to be constantly repositioned and it wasn’t unusual for him to be crying in pain throughout the day.

After surgery, his quality of life is vastly greater and although a spinal fusion may not seem like a life saving surgery it was for Valor. Without it his surgeon didn’t think we would survive more than a couple more years and I agree with that as I saw his deterioration myself. And as always a big thank you to everyone who donated, prayed, or shared about his surgery need. Our kids do not have health insurance and therefore every surgery, hospital stay, and even medicines come from our generous donors. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of all our friends and advocates!” – one of Valor’s foster parents

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