Why Hygiene Products are as Essential as Food and Water

At Jake’s Diapers, we aim to empower people to live clean, healthy and prosperous lives. While there are many mainstream issues of poverty to tackle, there other pieces of the puzzle we need to address as well.

Many people think of basic needs as food, shelter, and water. The truth is, hygiene products are just as essential on this list, and that includes things like period products.

And as we’ve piloted some period product programs with Diaper Drop partners in 2018, we’ve learned a bit about the inadequacies that exist with women’s struggle to access period products.

For example, period products continue to be taxed in the majority of the United States, despite the fact that thousands of other health and personal care items are exempt from tax in most states – such as ChapStick, Viagra and dandruff shampoo, according to an NPR article.

Beth Hudak from our Diaper Drop partner location in Green Bay explains that mothers under the age 24 are more susceptible to poverty than other individuals, and the “tampon tax,” only adds to this burden.

“Hygiene products are essential for people and – with the fact that feminine hygiene products are taxed is another barrier as well,” Beth said. “Pads and tampons are made for female consumption are taxed at the same rate as a pair of jeans (and coupling this with the fact that women are more susceptible to poverty).”Though tampons are taxed in the majority of the United States, here’s a list of some have made the move to exempt these feminine hygiene products from state sales tax.

Until the tax is removed in more states and more programs offer free or affordable access to women in poverty, we are working to provide dignity for girls and women through equality and access to period products. Your donation helps us supply Diaper Drop partners in need. Consider supporting girls and women in a community near you today.

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At Jake’s Diapers, we believe every small step makes a big difference in ending poverty. Please consider joining the 2018 #GivingTuesday movement to support Jake’s in empowering people to live clean, healthy and prosperous lives.