Cloth Kit Helps Family Victim of Moving Scam

Salem Cloth Project sells reusable goods that do good. They are a women-run cloth bank and eco shop. Their mission is all about community and the owners recognize that, for many families, purchasing disposable diapers can be a significant burden. To tackle this community problem, a portion of its proceeds from the eco-shop provide free cloth diapers and other resources to families in need.
Salem Cloth Project has been able to partner with Jake’s to provide cloth diaper kits and educational materials directly to their families.

Recently, Salem Cloth Project provided a cloth diaper kit to a family living in Salem who had just had their first child. About 6 months later, the organization heard from the family requesting assistance again. They had just moved to the East Coast to be closer to their family, and had hired a moving company to pack and ship most of their belongings.

They ended up being a part of a large scam and the fake moving company stole most of their possessions, including their cloth diaper stash. We were able to ship a replacement kit to the family to help assist them, in a small way, during their time of hardship.

Other families that have received support from Salem Cloth Project because of their partnership with Jake’s were asked if they have seen any benefits from our assistance, here is what some have said:

“My son is starting to have a reaction to the disposable diapers he’s worn since he was born (he’s 18 months now). My husband and I want to find a more cost-effective solution to help him with this sensitivity. Having these cloth diapers has helped us so much.”

“Cloth diapers have saved us from constantly worrying if our budget can handle buying more diapers for the month and less trash output in our household would be a great thing!”

“We are really really tight on money at the moment and 2 in diapers in different sizes is a lot for us as a family of 8 on one income.”