On The Dot

On the Dot 

Our On The Dot Program provides dignity for girls and women through equality and access to period products. These are essential tools to keep girls and women in school, at work and participating in society when they cannot otherwise obtain period products on their own. Products are provided to partners at no cost.

Jake’s On The Dot program services the We Gotcha’ Girl initiative by providing kits of tampons and pads to local schools. The products are repackaged into discreet, cloth pencil bags so that girls can conceal the items while taking products they need during school.

If you are interested in bringing the We Gotcha’ Girl program to your school, click the Become a Partner button below.

🌼 Empower Her Journey! 🌈 Jake’s Network of Hope is committed to breaking down barriers, starting with Period Poverty. With 27,000 pairs of Thinx Period Underwear on the way, your $6 donation can provide crucial support to a girl in need. Make a BIGGER impact by supporting a 3-pack for $15 or a classroom for $50.

Join us in empowering girls to pursue their education fearlessly

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“The period supplies are appreciated by many. One mom in our program only has supplies when we are able to bring them to her. At this time, she has no daycare for her two children, so she is unable to work. The supplies are truly appreciated!” 

Kenlin Grams of Parent Connection in Oshkosh

Impact Stories of our On The Dot Program