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My Neighbor Wisconsin

My Neighbor Wisconsin

Poverty creates a vicious cycle that traps many of its victims. When individuals struggle to afford a basic standard of living in society, it becomes even harder to find the motivation and access the resources to move out of that position. Working as a collective of organizations focused on solving this issue, we can help more people exit poverty.

Our My Neighbor Wisconsin program provides an array of basic needs to qualified nonprofit partners, which include schools, 501c3 nonprofits and faith-based organizations in good standing. All product donations are tax-deductible and must be used for charitable purposes. Individuals can sponsor a gift to a nonprofit partner, or nonprofit partners can order goods for their organization via this website.


Does your organization serve those in our community in poverty?

“Being able to give these new supplies to those in need in our community has helped us to continue to build strong and positive relationships between the police department and the community that we serve.”

Katie Mann, Oshkosh Police Department

Impact Stories of our My Neighbor Wisconsin Program