Sharing Smiles all Season Long

Jake’s Network of Hope, Good360 and Toys for Tots teamed up this summer to distribute toys, books, and games to families in need in Northeast Wisconsin. This partnership empowered kids to Unplug & Play this summer. About 30% of all families across this region live in income-restricted households, unable to afford the basics of food, shelter and hygiene.

And toys? Those are items often these families cannot afford, so this campaign aimed to change that!

“When kids get a toy or two, that makes it a really bright moment.”
— WIll Nething, executive director at Operation Community Cares, one of Jake’s Network of Hope partners

Our partners at Family & Childcare Resources of Northeast Wisconsin shared this story about their participation in our campaign:

“This donation gave the children the opportunity to have toys that they were not expected. Toys are a vehicle for developing skills such as attention, memory, and problem solving. Each of our home visiting families work within our program to promote these learning skills, but do not always have the toys or means to do it. These families are very grateful and happy for the donation. Thank you for supporting us and bringing joy to our families.

One mother was so surprised the box of toys were for her 4 children.  She thought she had to pick one.

A 12 year old who received a soccer ball and lego set stated that he was thankful because they had to leave everything at their old house and now he has somethings of his own to play with. He also said that they now live across from a park and now he has something to play with at the park.

A foster mom was very grateful for the toys given to her family and said the kids were excited and felt so special when they opened the bag of goodies.

One mom who had decided to skip head start programs for her children this year due to covid had been talking about wanting to get more toys that promote learning and teamwork, and amongst the toys given to her was a board game and set of stem blocks for her boys. The boys were very happy with their toys, and mom was happy that they would be able to work on putting things together, taking them apart, and sharing. 

Here’s what some of the families told Family & Childcare Resources of Northeast Wisconsin

“My children loved the toys even my 3-month-old baby smiles when she sees Elmo. Thank you So much!!”

“I am very grateful for the toys for my children, Baby shark was a hit in our home my 5 years old daughter love it and she even takes a bath with it.”

“Thank you so much!  You know how much my baby loves Elmo.  She loves dancing to the music.”

“Thank you so much for all the toys the game board it has been good to enjoy something together as a family.”

“Thanks for the toys, after all the hard times with the pandemic, it is great to have these toys for my children.”

“Thank you so much for the toys for my boys, my youngest boy loved Elmo and my oldest is so happy with the board games.”