My Neighboor Wisconsin Partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a community partner with Jake’s Network of Hope! We’re glad you’re here.

Jake’s Network of Hope is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization, providing basic needs and daily living essentials to persons in need through a trusted network of community partners. We partner with agencies who are working on addressing the root causes of poverty and who provide goods to families they serve. It is imperative that we do not create dependence, but instead provide a hand up out of poverty. Together, we are empowering people out of poverty to self-sufficiency.

We focus on sourcing goods so you don’t have to. You, our partner agencies, are the “boots on the ground” and we are a basic needs provider. Our goal is to support you in the amazing, uplifting work that you do through a collaborative partnership.

In completing our Community Partner Application/Agreement you are being considered as a partner for our “My Neighbor” program. This program provides you access to our Hope Hub which is the retail shopping experience at Jake’s. It provides your organization access to basic needs items and daily living essentials, available for pennies on the dollar. A partnership with Jake’s allows you to stretch your budget and impact even further.

We ask our partners to help monitor outcomes and to share impact stories. Collaboration is critical to secure funding & supplies so we can provide you with what you need to amplify your mission & impact. Diapers, period products, and adult care essentials are provided at no cost when available for approved partners. We do ask for nominal sharing fees to assist with other basic needs and daily living essentials available through our My Neighbor Program. Community partners are responsible for picking up product.

All partners must comply with our Partnership Agreement, found here:

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 920-502-0002 or email [email protected].