Hope in Green Bay

As we kick off the New Year, what goals are you looking to accomplish? For many in our local community, the answer might simply be taking another step out of poverty.

In Outagamie County, 9 percent of our population struggle with poverty. That number is slightly higher in Brown County at 9.8 percent, both according to Data USA (Outagamie / Brown).

Among those, young, single moms are the most susceptible to poverty, according to Beth Hudak of House of Hope in Green Bay. House of Hope is one of Jake’s Diapers Diaper Drop partners and provides emergency shelter and housing stability programs for young parents experiencing homelessness and their children.  

There are a number of hurdles that create a continual struggle for young, single moms, she said, including education and access to childcare, transportation, and mental health. These scenarios lead to under or unemployment, and therefore extremely low income.

Jake’s Diapers is grateful for your support during 2018 in alleviating the financial burdens these mothers experience through your donations of diapers. With enough diaper supply, moms can use their minimal incomes to support their children with other essential needs – and take step by step out of poverty.