In Diapers With Dignity: Properly Fitting Cloth Diapers Important for Kids at Ekisa

Jake’s Network of Hope partner Ekisa Ministries is rewriting the story of disability, and cloth diapers play an important role in the narrative.

At just 4 years old, Brandon was abandoned at a hospital in Uganda. Those who found him believed he was unwanted because of a disability he had. 

First, the boy was cared for at Amani Baby Cottage, an organization that cares for orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children. Amani quickly got to work hunting down any possible family member they could find. 

Soon enough, Jake’s Network of Hope partner Ekisa ministries was also involved in his care and in the pursuit of tracking his family. Ekisa writes about the incident: 

“After coming together, the Amani and Ekisa team went back to work on tracing Brandon’s family, digging deeper for any leads on their whereabouts. Eventually, they found them. First it was his grandparents, through whom they learned that Brandon’s mother had moved far away. The father, on the other hand, lived nearby and was quickly contacted for a meeting. When the father saw Brandon, he said, ‘He is my blood!’ He was excited to see his lost son and expressed his willingness to care for him. 

While it was planned that Brandon would go home, there were many factors that had to be considered. After many in-depth discussions and visits, the family and social work team decided that keeping him in residential care was in his best interest; his multiple needed surgeries and health requirements required medical expertise. Family visits, however, would be organized, so that Brandon could remain as part of his family. Despite the many obstacles, those who have been serving Brandon report he is healthier and happier than ever.”

Jake’s specializes in providing cloth kits for children with special needs, an important part of our relationship with places like Ekisa. 

‘While diapers may seem trivial, they actually make a huge difference in the quality of life for our children. We believe our kids deserve dignity and respect. Properly fitting, well-made diapers help give that,” said Alyssa of Ekisa Ministries. “They also help us achieve the standard of hygiene we desire for our children. This is especially true of older children; because diapers for them can often be difficult to find and expensive.”

It’s up to you to send cloth diapers to kids in need,