Introducing Our Newest Diaper Drop, House of Hope

There’s a lot of things we have to wait for in life, but diapers should not be one of them.

At Jake’s Diapers, we continue to grow our list of partners in an effort to reduce the number of caregivers on waiting lists for access to basic needs that fuel quality of life.

One of our newest partners is House of Hope Green Bay, Inc., a nonprofit that serves homeless families throughout Brown County.

“We provide approximately 12,000 diapers to 300 individuals each year,”  said Beth Hudak, Community Engagement Manager with the nonprofit. “House of Hope adds between 15 to 20 new families experiencing homelessness and housing instability to its waiting list each month.”

Fifteen to twenty families! Just think of the impact we can have on a monthly basis as this program gets rolling.

What’s more, according to United Way’s ALICE study, 40% of families in Brown County struggle to afford the basics of housing, food, healthcare, childcare, and transportation. This equates to more than 4,000 children aged 3 and under whose caregivers struggle to provide enough diapers to keep them clean, dry, and healthy.

There are so many lives to impact locally, and we are excited to join hands with House of Hope to make this happen.

We are looking forward to beginning our partnership with Jake’s Diapers,” Hudak said. “Diaper insecurity is a problem across all of Northeastern Wisconsin.

We’re really excited to begin this partnership as we expand our impact in the Greater Green Bay area.

Thanks for helping babies!

~ Stephanie

P.S. Did you know today, September 12th, is Bonus Day at GlobalGiving? This means every donation will go even farther to wiping out diaper need!