Joy at Jubilee Home

Thank you for helping the women & girls of Jubilee Home! Jubilee Home is one of the homes at our Diaper Drop, Sarah’s Covenant Homes, and the girls that live here have cognitive delays and learning and behavioral disorders. Some depend on diapers for personal hygiene, thanks for helping with this very basic, yet much-needed need.

Susan is one of the girls who live at Jubilee. Susan has such a sweet, special personality. She is a gentle and quiet sort of girl but is full of laughter when she finds something particularly amusing. She has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and an intellectual disability. Susan loves music and going for rides in her wheelchair. She also loves affection and is all smiles when you engage her in conversation.

Sarah’s Covenant Homes recently shared this update:

“Susan begins her weekdays with circle time. At Jubilee home, all 17 girls get together and begin their days with this fun routine–filled with songs and social experiences. Susan also has class every day with Hannah (one of our teachers who spends time at both Joy and Jubilee Home). This class is structured and focused on exploring sensory experiences. Susan and Hannah enjoy playing instruments together, playing in the sand, feeling shaving cream and more. Perhaps the most enchanting part of the class with Hannah is when Susan works on turning music on and off in order to watch sound-activated lights dance.

These are just a few of the enriching activities Susan engages in throughout her day. Each week, each Friday we are reminded that growth is nestled within each opportunity given to our kids. It is found in the moments between waking up and going to bed. Growth is found in happiness and joy, friendship and encouragement. Most of all, it is found within time spent with those who most believe in their unlimited potential. We love to see Susan grow and change each week, with each step. We see her growth tied to these moments; we see that it is inseparably tethered to the love that echoes through each and every day.”