Our State is Home to 2 Million in Need

While Wisconsin’s poverty rate is lower than the national average, according to a recent report by the Coalition on Human Needs and 9 to 5 Wisconsin — it’s still important to realize that more than 2 million people live either in or near poverty in our state.

The breakdown includes 638,000 people in poverty and 1.5 million people near poverty, according to an article on the Badger Herald. Many factors contribute to this situation, including low education and opportunity, single-parent family structure, low-wage, and part-time employment, barriers to employment, or a history of incarceration.

Jake’s Diapers work to solve diaper need helps lift individuals out of poverty, enabling them to reallocate funds spent on diapers towards other needs.

For example, in our partnership with the Family Resource Center of NEW, we know that recipients of diapers through this program have been enabled to:

  • Take their child to childcare
  • Buy non-food items
  • Reduce stress
  • Buy food
  • Pay other bills

Consider supporting someone in need in your backyard. A donation of just $16 provides a set of diapers to a family in need.