Sending Hope to Ukraine: Quick Response Vital in Time of Need

It’s an ever-evolving state of turmoil and a passionate, personally vested group working tireless to help out.

Wisconsin Ukranians is a locally-based nonprofit focused on sending support for the needs of Ukranians caught in the country during the ongoing war with Russia. 

Jon Pylypiv is a Wisconsin resident and Ukraine native, who had established a Wisconsin Ukranians Facebook page to connect with others from his country. It became a natural way to extend his support during these unforeseen times.

“My family and friends, their life literally depends on it,” Jon said. He talks to people overseas daily, which helps him to be quickly aware of the ever-changing needs in the country. 

“In the western part, some of the supplies are evening out where they can get certain things but at the same time everything changes and it just pivots really quick,” he said. 

According to its website: Wisconsin Ukranians has sent well over 115,000 LBS of humanitarian, medical, and items for the Ukrainian defenders being delivered to Ukraine and disbursed and purchased over $57,000 worth of generators, tourniquets, quick clot, first aid kits, multi-tools, food, binoculars, boots, body armor, an offroad vehicle for evacuations, van for the transportation of items and helping refugees in Ukraine

Jake’s was among the first to partner with Wisconsin Ukranians in order to send much needed supplies to Ukraine. Our initial response included sending items such as clothing, footwear, first aid, tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, thermal underwear, protective gear, flashlights and much more.

“I am so thankful for Jake’s Network of Hope,” Jon said, “because you helped us get out something immediately and not waiting until more people died. Thank you, I can’t even express how much. 

That urgency and ongoing efforts are important not only for physical needs but also emotional, he said.

“It’s just the hope. That’s what we’re trying to send to the Ukranians is hope, so they know there are people who care.” 
If you would like to donate items directly to this cause, please be sure to check out the Wisconsin Ukranians’ website where they update with exact needs. Due to the dynamics of the situation, only exactly requested items will be accepted.