Welcoming Danny

We have incredibly exciting news to bring you: Our Diaper Drop Sarah’s Covenant Homes has welcomed Danny into their care, joining the Anchor Navy Home family. Danny is five months old and has spent most of his life in the hospital. Thanks to your continued support, Sarah’s Covenant Homes has an ample supply of cloth diapers to keep Danny clean, dry, and comfortable.

His caregivers are filled with joy to get to know him and celebrate his precious life! He’s a super happy little guy who rarely cries and has big dimples when he smiles. He loves being swaddled. 

 “Being able to be a part of something like this everyday is such a gift. Being able to see God do some amazing transformations in so many babies, kids, and young adults never gets old. This never gets old” ~ Director of SCH

 Thanks for helping Danny and the other children we’re blessed to serve. 

 ~ Stephanie

Executive Director, Co-Founder of Jake’s Diapers