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Big News! Direct Diaper Support For Individuals

Jake’s Diapers strives to create community-driven efforts to revolutionize poverty, which is why we have a web of Diaper Drop partners around the globe where we distribute our donations so that these organizations can serve their people in need (more than 25 partnerships to date.)

These partnerships allow Jake’s to focus its funds and volunteer support on a specific solution to the problem: to eliminate the financial burden of hygiene necessities so caretakers can afford other basic needs.

In the past year, that also expanded to include support during disaster relief situations. We recognize every person is one disaster away from living in a devastating, vulnerable circumstance, which is why we respond to disaster areas (For example, the California wildfires, Hurricane Maria and most recently Hurricane Florence).

That’s how we found ourselves partnered with various chapters of The Rebecca Foundation (in Puerto Rico, California, and North Carolina). Unfortunately, this organization recently shut its doors – yet these former chapter presidents want to continue the work …need to continue the work to support the people we were working together to help.

That’s why we have launched a pilot project to provide diapers directly to individuals! Even if there is not a  local agency to provide cloth diapers within the United States (included territories), we’re attempting to help as many families as possible! For anyone in need as this launches, please utilize our application.

Questions? Reach out directly to Executive Director, Stephanie Bowers, at [email protected].