Bouncer, Uber Driver, Diaper Supplier

Jake’s Diapers works with all sorts of people, all over the world, to make sure that diapers get delivered. From missionaries to nurses, every person plays a vital role in getting diaper relief to needy children and families.

At first glance, Rafael doesn’t fit the typical profile of someone who champions diapers for those in need. Rafael is big and strong which makes him perfect for his job as a nightclub bouncer in Puerto Rico. However, that is not all he does.

On the side, he recently started working for Uber. Rafael has an excellent understanding of the geography in Puerto Rico which makes him not only perfect for Uber but also perfect for people who aren’t familiar with the island.

This knowledge has led many Christian groups to reach out to him for help as they send missionaries to Puerto Rico to help especially in the wake of Hurricane Maria. One of the groups sending help is Jake’s Diapers.

Rafael indicated that he always knew there was a need for diapers on the island before the hurricane, but after, that need has turned into a full-fledged emergency.

It was interesting to listen to Rafael. Before he got involved with Jake’s Diapers, he was only vaguely familiar with the diaper crisis. Now, he has strong opinions. He prefers cloth diapers to disposable. As he stated, why would you use and throw out a diaper when with a cloth diaper you could use it over and over?

He also stated that the greatest need is for the smallest children. Young babies are the most in need when it comes to the diaper shortage in Puerto Rico.

Rafael says his own life has changed being part of the diaper distribution. He said that when people see him on the street, they ask him for diapers. He has literally become a semi-celebrity for diaper distribution.

Rafael stated, “Until recently, most people were used to using rags as diapers. Even when you told them you had real diapers to give them, they didn’t believe you until you actually showed them the diapers.”

This has been the most rewarding aspect for Rafael and he doesn’t plan to stop helping anytime soon.

We sure are thankful for Rafael’s help. Poco a poco (little by little), we are making a difference! Every donation, no matter the size, adds up to big change.

You can donate to help Rafael and others here or contact Stephanie at [email protected].