Thrivent Action Team 101

Did you know that if you are a member of Thrivent Financial, you may be eligible to lead or sponsor an Action Team?

It starts with an idea powered by your passion. Bring a team together—family, friends, community members— to make an immediate impact and live generously! It could be as simple as you and a friend or two (even your kids!), or as complex as you’d like it to be.

You can choose to use Action Teams to benefit Jake’s Diapers in an intriguing array of opportunities, or you can use them for another amazing cause close to your heart. Either way is fine with us, we just want you to be aware of this amazing opportunity to empower positive change!

Thrivent provides resources to help plan your event, including a Community Impact Card with $250 of seed money.

Need ideas and inspiration? Here is our array of opportunities!

  • Diaper Packing Parties: A fun project of packing diapers for our Diaper Drops! Purchase supplies that go in our cloth diaper kits or most needed single use diapers.  We are always in need of Action Teams to sponsor Packing Parties, and funds are used to purchase needed items to go in the kits. 
  • Office Organization Parties: We’re moving to a new warehouse home that is 3X BIGGER!!! As we settle in, we need help organizing and the tools to help us do so. Action Team funds could be used for snacks and office supplies from Amazon Wishlist!
  • Sewing Circles: Sponsor a Sewing Circle, where a group of friends gather and sew cloth wipes or cloth pads. Purchase thread, elastic, seam rippers, etc from our Amazon Wishlist!
  • Kids Corner: Did you know we have a Kids Corner at our office? We often have little helpers, and an Action Team could help supply the Kids Corner with treats and toys to keep little helpers busy!
  • Volunteer Days Action Team: Did you know every Monday and Friday from 9 to 11 we have Drop in Volunteer Days? You could sponsor the project of the week, e-mail us for our most recent project and needs!

You can lead a team yourself, or you can sponsor an event where we’ve done all the legwork.

To apply, go to,. It takes about ten minutes to apply, and here’s an overview of the whole process:

We’d be glad to help you apply and answer questions! E-mail us at [email protected] today!



This might be the hardest part! If you don’t already have an online user ID, you’ll need to find your Thrivent Member ID and create an account!



Once you’ve logged in, scroll down and click on Thrivent Action Teams!




Click Apply Now



This screen will show you how many Action Teams you are eligible for








A simple description works fine! For our Packing Party Example, the project description would be to have a packing party to assemble kits of cloth diapers for use by Real Hope for Haiti.



Explain how you will use the seed money. For our Packing Party example, seed money is used for cloth diaper covers, which is one piece of the kits that we are always running low on. (We have the other pieces in stock, and the action team is to assemble the kits).