NBC26 Cares: Saving Children in Haiti with Diapers

I cannot contain my excitement. Every day is another opportunity to make positive world change happen. And we’re doing it! We are ending the choice between food & diapers, one diaper at a time! I still am in awe of last week’s Impact Club donation. And that’s not the only amazing thing that is happening.

 We were featured on NBC26 Cares, for our work in Haiti! I thought you all should see the video clip, in case you missed it. I am so thankful to Stacy Engebretson for the way she reported on our story, and to Lorraine from Real Hope for Haiti who joined us for the interview!Please take a moment and watch our story, and share it with a friend. By helping families with diapers, we are helping Moms and babies not only survive, but thrive!
~ Stephanie Bowers, Executive Director & Co-Founder

View our NBC26 Cares Story!


CaringCrowd Campaign Update: 

Have you heard? Johnson & Johnson is matching donations, dollar for dollar up to $250, to our project Improving Maternal/Infant Life Quality & Survival in Haiti!  

We’re 24% of the way to our goal of $50,000 by July 31st. Thank you for being the change for 500 Haitian families!

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