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Diapers for Children’s Shelter in Puerto Rico

It’s a common debate for many parents: is my income worth the cost of childcare?

For many families in Puerto Rico, this question isn’t even worth asking: minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, childcare enrollment is $250 or more and ongoing costs add up to $300 per month. Many jobs are not hiring full-time hours, and ask for a minimum of 5-year experience – which many don’t have, said Loraine, a Puerto Rico mom who has distributed much of Jake’s Diapers’ donations.

These parents are forced into low-income situations, choosing among the basic needs of their children.

“You see yourself deciding less food in the other kid’s stomach or none in yours,” Loraine said.

In providing cloth diapers, we’re alleviating a giant financial burden that can eliminate this choice to forego food in order to afford other needs.

“It’s a matter of an extra load of laundry,” Loraine said.

Thank you for your ongoing support to alleviate this pressure for Puerto Rican families struggling in poverty. Just a reminder, September 20, 2018, is a bonus match day. All donations made to help Puerto Rico will be matched by GlobalGiving!