Celebrating Stella

Have you ever had someone make a difference in your life? Maybe it’s someone you know, or maybe it’s someone you have never even met. There are kind-hearted people in this world, people who truly believe in helping lift one another up.

These kind-hearted people rarely get the recognition they deserve, and do what they do not for glory and honor, but because it is the right thing to do. They exhibit a passion to pursue positive change in the lives of others, others they may not ever meet on this side of Heaven.

Here at Jake’s Diapers, we have key volunteers who do just this. They give of their time, talent, and treasure to help the least of these, answering God’s call to help those in need. Stella is one of these amazing volunteers who just gives selflessly.

In 2014, at the age of 7, Stella first learned of Jake’s Diapers and our work with poverty stricken babies, children, and adults in need of cloth diapers in Guatemala. Stella took it upon herself to host a lemonade stand, to raise funds to buy diapers for babies in Guatemala. She did this because she has a generous heart, without ever being asked to do this. One day we received a letter and check in the mail, introducing us to Stella and her amazing heart.



In 2015, now 8 years old, Stella was back at it again. This time, the Green Bay chapter of the Rising Tide Society, Starry Realty, and Jake’s Diapers were teaming up for a Packing Party to pack urgent needs for babies in Guatemala and Haiti. Little Miss Stella took it upon herself to personally call friends and family to ask them to help the babies in Guatemala. Stella’s efforts resulted in more than $600 in monetary donations and very generous amounts of cloth diapers and infant formula (for babies whose Moms died in or shortly after childbirth) were collected.


In 2016, now at 9 years old, Stella once again raised funds to provide the basic need of cloth diapers when we launched our GlobalGiving crowdfunding campaign in March, and she is planning another Lemonade Stand.

Now life is about to get even more exciting for Stella… Shopko and the Green Bay Packers have teamed up to celebrate Wisconsin children who are making a positive impact in their community and beyond through Shopko’s Kids Making a Difference program. And.. they selected STELLA to be the Kick-Off Kid at the August 18th preseason game at Lambeau Field!


We are so excited for Stella, it is truly amazing the impact one passionate person can have. Would you consider joining us with a $10 donation as we celebrate Stella? Every day 2195 children die worldwide from diseases that can be prevented by the use of cloth diapers, and your $10 (or more!) donation can help save a child’s life in Guatemala.  Your tax deductible donation supporting our Guatemalan Diaper Drops can be made here or by mailing a check to Jake’s Diapers, 139 E. 2nd St. Suite U2, Kaukauna, WI 54130! Just write #celebratestella in the memo line and your donation will help babies in Guatemala! Every dollar makes a difference!

1.13.15 Picture

A Guatemalan friend with special needs, and her custom made, appropriately sized cloth diapers! No more rags as diapers for her!


Guatemalan families in extreme poverty receive cloth diapers, which help increase sanitiation and quality of life for caregiver and recipient!


A Guatemalan Mom giving the thumbs up for her beautiful cloth diapers!


Pure Joy for this Mom & baby who live in and work at the garbage dump in Puerto Barrios.


Cloth diapers making an impact in the quality of life for this loving family in Guatemala!


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