Celebrating Youth in Wisconsin on International Youth Day

Jake’s Diapers is empowered to do good work across Northeast Wisconsin, nationally and globally in large part because of the hardworking people in the areas we serve.

A big piece of this pie includes youth in our own backyard here in Wisconsin.

We think it’s important to recognize the difference these young adults make as we celebrate the United Nation’s International Youth Day today (August 12) and align with the organization’s 2018 theme: Safe Spaces for Youth. The theme recognizes that youth from diverse backgrounds need safe spaces to be assured of respect and self-worth, and contribute effectively to society.

Certainly, when youth volunteer they find themselves in a uniquely safe place where they can give back and feel empowered in that generosity. And, at Jake’s Diapers, we are already celebrating the resulting positive contributions to our society.

Our youth volunteers help us with tasks like:

  • Packing global handwash kits
  • Pack disposable diaper packages
  • Remove packaging from new products (mostly wet bags and diapers) to get them ready to put in cloth diaper kits
  • Help unload and sort deliveries
  • Stuff inserts into pocket diapers

The local youth groups listed below have frequently devoted their time to support our organization and we are incredibly grateful!

Interested in more information about volunteering for Jake’s Diapers? Visit our Volunteer Page.

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