Cloth Diapers: ‘One less bill to pay month to month’

Diaper Need is the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry, and healthy. Since there is no government assistance available for diapers, this puts a huge financial strain on low-income & homeless families with children – this was how Jake’s was founded. Our cloth diaper program is where our work began, today our cloth diaper kits provide a family with enough diapers for birth to potty training.  

But, what is the true impact of a cloth diaper kit for a family? Read the impact for a family below. 

“I have always been interested in environmentally-friendly alternatives for my family. Many of our hygiene products I make myself. Not only is it better for our planet & therefore for us, but with a limited income as a young single mama, it really helps save money. 

“I am planning on practicing elimination communication, but will be using diapers as a back-up. Since I do prefer the eco-friendly version of diapers, healthier disposable options tend to cost more than typical bulk ones and are fairly out of my budget. It makes more sense to me to gather a few good quality cloth diapers and use it throughout my daughter’s babyhood. 

“Receiving a free kit helped me immensely so that I can focus and invest my money in other important resources like a childbirth education class and other necessary tools for her growth. It gave me the sustainability, the freedom and the ability to practice and educate others from a personal experience so that they, too, can think about using cloth diapers. 

“I plan to pass down our diapers, once we no longer need them, to family or friends. Our cloth diaper kit will live a long life – unlike the disposable diapers would. Lastly, it  gives me the mindful security of knowing that I have one less bill to pay month to month.”