Friendly Reminder: Jake’s Diapers Solves More than Diaper Need

A simple donation of just about a dozen cloth diapers laid the foundation for the work that Jake’s Diapers does today, but a recent volunteer group acted like a big reminder about how much we’ve evolved over the years.

“The name of the organization is deceiving. (Jake’s) is not all about diapers,” said Katy, a volunteer with the Calvary Lutheran Church Green Bay Youth group. “They help with infant burial gowns, chuck pads for nursing facilities, feminine hygiene products and more. I was impressed.”

Katy said her group of 44 youth and adults decided to volunteer to Jake’s because of the local and global impact.

“The work they do helps women, the elderly and children in our local area and (globally),” she said. “That’s a huge impact! Feminine products and diapers (infant and adult) are a necessity item. These items not only are necessary for personal hygiene but these items are necessary for dignified personhood. Jake’s Diapers fills a specialty gap area in our non-profit services.”

The group included a range of ages starting as young as 6th grade, and they were able to repackage and prep many cloth diaper wipes and diaper kits — an important part of the work we do at Jake’s. Katy said she enjoyed learning more about how Jake’s Diapers serves, and the unique aspects of how it’s done.

“I also thought your attention to culture was important, too,” Katy said. “You find out what would work best and even cater to the right type of colors and patterns so they are not offensive. Finally, you are a Christian organization and practicing radical hospitality just like our Lord and Savior!”

About Volunteering for Jake’s Diapers

Looking to give your time? You can learn more about volunteering at Jake’s Diapers by contacting our program manager Katie Kilsdonk via email at [email protected].