Volunteers Help ‘Knock Down Barriers’ for Those We Serve

Our work at Jake’s Diapers is largely aimed towards making a dent in the global poverty crisis, and diapers are a perfect starting point.

Why? Because it’s a not so obvious basic need. In another sense – the inability to afford diapers (diaper need) lives alongside the inability to afford common basic needs, such as food and shelter.

This struck a chord with a recent volunteer group from YouthGo, another local nonprofit that provides underserved and at-risk youth with opportunities to do well in school, develop as individuals and prepare for their next step in life. We. 

Angie Henry, Youth Program Assistant with the nonprofit, coordinated a visit from a group of kids within the YouthGo program and reflected on our mission.

“You have managed to knock down so many different barriers for so many communities in need,” she said. “I believe that the mission is important and my students do, too.”

Angie and the others from YouthGo spent time this summer helping us prep these not-so-obvious basic needs, bundling diapers, assembling boxes and packaging feminine products. The group also gave us an extra hand sweeping the warehouse and enjoyed time with the smaller kids that often spend time here at Jake’s.

“I think the best part about when we come in is that my students also get to spend time with the little ones that are often there,” Angie said. “Most of my students like to volunteer at places that have young children or animals around, so they always have fun at Jake’s Diapers.”

About Volunteering for Jake’s Diapers

Looking to give your time? You can learn more about volunteering at Jake’s Diapers by contacting our program manager Katie Kilsdonk via e-mail at [email protected].