Cloth Diaper Education: Important Piece of Our Mission

It’s too much work. Too much laundry. Sounds complicated.

These are all thoughts that may block someone from cloth diapering their children, but the truth is this approach is far from difficult — and it can be life changing.

“For people who need a long term solution to diaper need, but are only familiar with using disposable, cloth can seem daunting,” said Katie Kilsdonk, Jake’s Diapers program manager. “Having a hands-on class to learn more about how modern cloth diapers work and how to use/care for them breaks down those fears or concerns. Education is key for people who want to try cloth but worry it’s too much work or doesn’t know where to start.”

That’s why we aim to offer regular cloth diaper classes to people in our community, and also provide education to cloth diaper recipients through printed and digital materials..

In 2019, we’ve leveraged our partnership with Family & Childcare Resources of Northeast Wisconsin to offer this opportunity to area residents in need.

“FCRNEW has a monthly distribution of disposable diapers, so they are the key to reaching the population we are looking to serve,” Katie said. “They also are the host site for the classes, and provide childcare during the classes, so that removes many barriers for the families who are wanting to learn more about using cloth.”

Jake’s Diapers goal has been to offer a monthly class, though Wisconsin weather in early 2019 created some challenges. The class is ideal for about 10 to 12 people, and between the two events in 2019, we’ve served 14.

So, what do we talk about?

“We cover the difference in kinds of cloth diapers and how to use each type,” Katie said.
“Washing, how to remove poop, troubleshooting, and accessories that may be helpful but aren’t included in a kit (like a diaper sprayer.) It’s a very conversational style hands-on class so the participants usually ask lots of questions along the way.”

If you’re interested in learning more about our cloth diaper education, please e-mail Katie Kilsdonk at [email protected]