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Beyond Babies: How Jake’s Serves Special Needs Families

Diapers are an obvious need for babies, the word probably making you think first of handheld humans before anyone else.

But, for some, diapers are a need beyond those “tiny” years of life. Some people with special needs continue to wear pull-ups or other assistance into their teen years and adulthood, and finding coverage to fit a full-grown human can create challenges.

“I have a special needs son and am well aware of the struggles parents have when their child ages out of standard diaper years and struggle to find diapers for their older teen or adult who still requires pull-ups or assistance,” said Amy Fulwiler, Special Needs Family Advisor at United Healthcare and a recent volunteer at Jake’s Diapers. 

At Jake’s, we can provide custom cloth options to adapt to the shapes, sizes and other requirements for individuals with special needs. We provide these items to individuals locally as well as in our global networks.

To Amy, it’s impressive that we can share this opportunity worldwide.

“You can make a difference worldwide, but also have a local impact as well,” Amy said, reflecting on our nonprofit’s mission.  

Amy spends much of her free time as a caregiver, she said. She’s been married to her husband for 28 years and is a mom to 3 kids, one with special needs. She also has a sister with special needs her mother is aging and has had some health issues. 

During the day, she works for United Healthcare in the Special Needs Initiative department. 

“We assist families from all over the US with coverage issues, resources outside of the insurance company and ongoing concerns,” she said. 

Amy coordinates a group from United Healthcare to volunteer at Jake’s Diapers Hope Factory on a weekly basis. 

We are grateful for the help this group brings, and we cannot continue operations without happy hands like these. We welcome groups of any size for any amount of time! Get in touch below.

About Volunteering for Jake’s Diapers

Looking to give your time? You can learn more about volunteering at Jake’s Diapers by contacting our program manager Katie Kilsdonk via e-mail at [email protected].