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Hartville Cloth Shed Joins The Family!

Communities that work together toward a shared goal lift each other up in those efforts. This is something we’ve seen at Jake’s Diapers time and again, with each established diaper drop partnership we create.

Haley Aranda is the founder of an organization called Hartville Cloth Shed, and one of our recent and important connections. Haley has firsthand experience with poverty and financial hardships, something that inspired her to organize a way to help others.

“Unfortunately, many people live without a support system,” she said. “I started Hartville Cloth Shed so people will know there is somebody that does care and that they are not alone. This is my way of carrying people through tough times. Having one less thing to worry about or just somebody to talk to can make a very big difference in somebody’s life. As a mother and somebody who has been through hardships, I know this for certain.”

The Hartville Cloth Shed provides free cloth menstrual pad kits, emergency cloth diaper kits, and nursing pads to anyone in need in the United States. Its partnership with Jake’s Diapers allows us to provide these cloth hygiene items to her audience in need, people like Jasmin.

“I have received donations from Hartville Cloth Shed and it helped me so much,” Jasmin said. “I’ve been living paycheck to paycheck, and buying disposables is just a hassle! The cloth I received was such a big help by saving me days of the stress of trying to find the money to afford them.”

Haley reiterates cloth donations like the ones from Jake’s Diaperslifts a burden off the shoulders of those she, and we, serve.

“It helps them focus on other necessities such as finding work, paying bills, buying food, paying rent and utilities as well as furthering their education,” she said.

Because Hartville Cloth Shed distributes nationwide, anyone in the US can apply for free cloth menstrual pads or an emergency cloth diaper kit.