I’m so excited to share with you that the  have begun to arrive at the Rescue Center at Real Hope for Haiti!

Myolaika is just one of the many babies receiving these diapers to meet her diaper need. Myolaika was first admitted to the Rescue Center in November, weighing just 15.5 lbs at 21 months of age. She was referred to Real Hope for Haiti from Children’s Health Ministries, another one of our Haiti Partner Agencies. Children’s Health Ministries is an outpatient clinic, and the Rescue Center at Real Hope for Haiti is an inpatient clinic specialized in treating malnutrition.

When admitted, her mother shared that she had left Myolaika with the child’s uncle in May and she had drunk clorox. This is perhaps why she refused to eat. Her dad is a carpenter, and Mom is a factory worker. She has one sister, and they live in a rented 2 room house with no running water. They do have an outhouse. They buy there water from a source a ten minute walk from their home. The day she arrived at the clinic, she had eaten soup and juice. The day before she had bean sauce. She is now on a specialized nutrition program, Medika Mamba, and is on the road to recovery!

We have been working diligently on improving the diaper situation (or lack thereof….), and color coding the diapers by size is just one of the ways we are working on making life easier for the nannies! Together, we are accomplishing lower morbidity and mortality rates. Absolutely fantastic!  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates!

~ Stephanie

Stephanie Bowers
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