Thankful Thursday Spotlight: Gen-Y Cloth Diapers and Accessories

It’s a Thankful Thursday! Today, we give thanks to Gen-Y Cloth Diapers and Accessories! Gen-Y is a small, Mom-owned cloth diaper company located in Maryland. At Gen-Y, they pride themselves on “Couture Cloth for the Naturally Stylish”. At Gen-Y, they design and produce cloth diapers and accessories that consistently perform to the highest standards in the industry and look fabulous the whole time. Gen-Y’s mission is to bring long lasting, high performing, made in the USA cloth diaper products to families whose sense of style is as demanding as their need for quality.

Gen-Y has been a long-time supporter of Jake’s Diapers! Kristin is the Mom behind Gen-Y, and her outpouring of love and support is such a blessing! The generosity of Gen-Y has helped Jake’s Diapers provide cloth diapers to babies in many regions of the world, including Costa Rica, Haiti, Peru, Ethiopia, Tanzania, India, as well as here in the United States!