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We’re SEW Into Our Volunteers

As we progress through Diaper Need Awareness Week, it’s important to recognize the heroes who spend hours sewing, packing, and readying supplies for families here at Jake’s Diapers.

The volunteers in our sewing circles have clocked more than 800 hours this year, repairing items that would otherwise be wasted and thrown away.

Instead, our volunteers are putting things like reusable wipes and menstrual pads back to good use for our people in need. In total, the team has either repaired or sewed new 2,015 items donated back to those we serve.

These women, the “Super Sewers” gather at least once a month at Grace Lutheran Church to fix and repair diapers, sew pillowcase dresses & nanny aprons, knit burial gowns, and so much more.

If you want more information about joining our sewing circle, contact Katie at [email protected]. Donations to Jake’s Diapers also support our efforts to provide the necessary supplies at these volunteer events.