Featured Volunteer: Holly

Even though Holly has spent the last year volunteering countless hours sorting inventory at Jake’s Diapers, she is continually impressed with the organization’s impact.

“The amount that they get out the door, helping out families – not just in our community but around the world,” Holly said. “I can’t imagine our work here just two hours at a clip is making that big of a difference.”

But it is. 

Holly volunteers at Jake’s Diapers along with her three daughters. The kids attend Flex Academy, a charter school in Little Chute and Holly has happily encouraged other school members’ participation in supporting Jake’s. This month, Jake’s hallways were full of parents and students helping out.

Holly said she loves the cause and is especially excited to support Jake’s Diapers while instilling a sense of generosity in her own children.

“They are always so welcoming at Jake’s and find something for all of us to do, even the littles,” Holly said. “It makes me proud as their mother to see them enjoying their time helping other families in need.”

More about Holly:

  • Favorite Diaper Pattern: I love all the diapers. It amazes me to see how many patterns and colors are out there.
  • What Else Do They Do?  I love being with my family. We spend our time playing games, going to karate, learning, and playing with our German Shepherd, Lady.

More about volunteering for Jake’s Diapers: If you’re interested in more info about how you can get involved in our organization, reach out to Katie Kilsdonk at [email protected].