Helping Chemically Dependent Partake in Treatment

With a mission to provide the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost to chemically dependent persons and their families, Nova Counseling Services is a State of Wisconsin-licensed provider of medically monitored treatment for people suffering from alcoholism and other drug addictions. 

“Recently with all the changes in state policies we have been getting lots of homeless and incarcerated clients,” said Ann Resop, Nova Counseling Services. “All of the items we receive we use to help these individuals so they are able to partake in treatment.”

Nova Counseling Services and Jake’s Network of Hope have partnered up to supply diapers, period products and other basic hygiene items to help individuals fully engage in treatment. 

“We have found that having a supply of diapers on site is helpful at visitations. Sometimes parents forget to bring backups, so it has allowed us to ease the burden on the family. During treatment we all run into hiccups, lots of times our females don’t have women’s products – so, we are supplying them.  Thank you for all you do to help all of us,” Ann said.  

Through our partnership with Nova Counseling Services, we are working to allow every person a step up toward living healthy, feeling safe and experiencing self-worth so that individuals and communities thrive.