Partnership to Bring Basic Needs to Local Refugees

Jake’s Network of Hope partners with other 501c3 nonprofits, school-based and faith-based groups who directly serve vulnerable people in our communities. This means our work supports diverse community needs, from foster care to afterschool programs, family needs and domestic abuse shelters, refugee work, poverty support, health programs and more. These collaborations mean partners can re-allocate time and money to instead focusing on their programs, while meeting human needs in the community.

We want to highlight the many ways our partners are making a difference for those most vulnerable individuals, many of whom are neighbors, peers, co-workers or connected to us in unknown ways. Poverty is more commonplace than we often think, and financial strain can often be situational and temporary. Our work ensures every individual experiencing hardship can still have their basic needs cared for and feel a sense of self worth.Explore the stories of all 12 of our 200+ community partners by visiting this link.

We all know the comfort, safety, warmth and love that a home can provide us. For refugees, restoring the luxury of a safe place to call home and rebuild their lives is so important. Over the past decade, the Fox Valley has seen an influx of almost 1,400 refugees.

Cherith International is one of Jake’s partners serving these refugee needs. Cherith International provides free clothing, household items and other resources to refugees and low-income families in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin through the Cherith Clothing & Resource Center located in Oshkosh. Refugees are referred to the program through social agencies, churches, school district counselors, Winnebago County institutions, Oshkosh Police Department and other community organizations. 

Harry and Jenny van Burrik became aware of Jake’s partnership opportunities through volunteering.

“We are able to purchase all kinds of personal hygiene items that will be useful for the refugees and low-income families we serve in the Fox River Valley area of Wisconsin for very competitive prices,”  they explained via email. The group also makes great use of the “great variety of items available” in our Hope Hub.

Supplying the basic needs and resources that refugees and low-income families need, allow refugees to allocate their energy to building the foundations of their new home. Jake’s Network of Hope and Cherith International have partnered to ensure all basic needs items are supplied to those that need them.

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