Helping Veterans Impacted By Wildfires


As a supporter of Jake’s Diapers, you have personally helped veterans impacted by wildfires rise from the ashes and raise healthy children, overcoming their need to choose between food, shelter, or diapers.

“We don’t have a home right now, but we have each other. We are lucky to have family that is able to take us in while we rebuild. You have truly blessed us. To not worry have to worry about diapering our baby is a relief.”– Tubbs Wildfire Survivor & U.S. Veteran

This is all possible because of partnerships with donors like you and other charitable organizations that empower our cause. As you may already know, GlobalGiving allows nonprofits like Jake’s Diapers to reach a wider audience and earn more dollars through its generous platform challenges, thus helping more babies in desperate situations. In one week, we have a big opportunity to continue maximizing that impact and help more struggling Veterans diaper their children.

We ask that if you wish to provide a gift to Jake’s Diapers, please do so on Wednesday, July 18 starting at 9 AM EST. On this Bonus Day, GlobalGiving will match your donation! It’s also important to donate as soon as possible on this day to capitalize on the matching funds before they run out. Last year, the funds ran out in the first half hour!!

Since 2002, the GlobalGiving platform raised $337 million dollars for organizations doing good worldwide. The platform offers tools and training to help organizations like ours grow their expertise in fundraising and driving an impact. As GlobalGiving says, “Together we are building a global movement for social progress.”

It’s working for us here at Jake’s Diapers, too. GlobalGiving propelled our growth and impact significantly. Last year we were honored to make GlobalGiving’s top 10 nonprofits committed to impact.

We’re on a mission to help meet the diapering needs of veterans in need and support caregivers worldwide in raising healthy children. Any donation, no matter the size, adds up to big change. After all, the power of crowdfunding is in the crowd.

This is all possible because of gifts from generous people like you. Thank you for supporting our veterans in this time of need. If you’d like to continue to open your hearts, please consider doing so this Wednesday, July 18 at 9 am EST. GlobalGiving will match your donations and your impact will go that much further. Thank you!

Visit our project to help Veterans who have been hit by the recent wildfires in California.