Jake’s Partners with Puerto Rico Church to Provide Hygiene Basics

In Canovanas, Puerto Rico, a family was struggling to care for their father who had terminal cancer. The family was very poor, and they were struggling to provide food and basic medical needs. The family had reached out to a local church, G.O.D Ministry, to ask for help. 

“We took action immediately and were able to supply them with basic hygiene needs. Our group had been following up on them every month. After a few months, we realized that the six bed pads we had supplied last time, were being hand washed daily to make them last, said Iveliz Fuentes, President and Founder of G.O.D. Ministry,” We were able to restock them with bed pads, thanks to the donation from Jake’s.”

The family was so grateful with the donations that allowed their papa’s last days to be happy as his basic hygiene needs were being met. 

Another project, Jake’s donation to G.O.D. Ministry was able to support a donation of baby diapers and feminine napkins that were distributed to a humble Church in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.  

“We pray for your organization to be blessed with huge donations so you can continue the extremely important mission you do,” stated Fuentes.