Missions Aligned: Kimberly-Clark and Jake’s Diapers Spend Day Making a Difference

There is no idea too small to make a difference.

That’s one big takeaway for Isabella Casoli, a volunteer with a recent group from Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

“It was inspirational to me that a small idea that started in one person’s basement has become such an inspiration and game-changer for so many families,” she said. “(It’s amazing) how much volunteering can help provide the mission of making a difference in the lives of so many families around the world. The half-day we spent at Jake’s diapers made our team connect and provide a great opportunity to give back to the community we live in.”

The volunteer group from Kimberly-Clark Corporation decided to help out Jake’s Diapers because our mission aligns with the company’s mission of “delivering products for a better life,” Isabella said.

“It was a great opportunity to help an organization that works with the consumers we work with every day and to see how volunteering for half a day can make a huge difference,” she said.

About 50 people participated in the event, which meant a lot got done. The group repacked diapers, folded diapers, prepared packaging, cleaned the office area, developed a LEAN workflow and general housekeeping, Isabella said.

Thanks to everyone who participated from Kimberly-Clark Corporation and all those who’ve given time to Jake’s Diapers. Our operation is dependent on your availability.

About Volunteering for Jake’s Diapers

Looking to give your time? You can learn more about volunteering at Jake’s Diapers by contacting our program manager Katie Kilsdonk via e-mail at [email protected].